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At Almond Blossom Senior care, we take great pride in providing three communities located in safe, family oriented neighborhoods that feel like home - because they are! Our Organic Community garden is tended by residents and staff and used in the cooking of what we like to call “Real Food”. The backyards at Almond Blossom, with its shaded patios, pathways, year round flora and one of the largest wind chimes in Northern California, invites you to relax and feel at home.


Almond Blossom Assisted Living in Chico

Specializing in Connected Care, Almond Blossom is setting a new standard through a continuum of support including Assisted Living, Memory Care and hospice services. We have created an ideal living environment for elders to thrive while respecting privacy, independence, and individuality in an intimate family setting.


Connected Care
A full continuum of support

Almond Blossom Senior Care has a caregiver to resident ratio of 1:6 and as low as 1:3 allowing the needs of our residents to be met immediately. 

Excellent Staff
The best at what we do

Almond Blossom’s staff training exceeds State of California standards, providing 24 hour Care. This higher quality of service, care, and attention to detail is what sets us apart.

Taking pride in bringing you home

The backyard at Almond Blossom with its shaded patio, pathways, year round flora, and one of the largest wind chimes in Northern California invites you to relax and feel at home.




Rest & Relax

We surround our residents with support and clear communication to maximize their physical and mental health. Each resident has an individual plan of care developed to meet his or her specific needs. When you live in a Connected Care environment, stress and anxiety are reduced, thereby allowing healing and growth to occur.


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Tranquility, beauty, nature and normalcy are the hallmarks of the Almond Blossom Assisted Living facilities. All three locations are beautiful homes in their own right, and are customized to accommodate the needs of the resident population.