The Best at What We Do

“Of course we are fully licensed and regularly inspected by the state to insure we provide an environment of excellent care, hygiene and safety,” owner Cory Williams explains, “But our model goes much further in how we provide higher levels of staff engagement, stimulating activities, and attention to detail for every resident. This higher quality of service, higher quality of care and attention to detail is what we believe really sets us apart. It gives our families greater peace of mind.”

This philosophy manifests in smaller staffing ratios, continual staff training, a full-time licensed care coordinator at each facility, a full-time activities director on staff, and very low staff turn-over.

It starts with us as the owners, Cory says. “We believe that open and frequent communication is critical to our success, and that we need to be accountable and transparent to our families, our residents and our staff. Our staff as well needs to have accountability and transparency to us, our families and our residents. When your loved one moves into Almond Blossom Assisted Living, they are joining our family, and we treat them as we would treat our own beloved and respected family members.”

The result is a relationship and synergy between the families, the staff, the owners, and the residents themselves when it comes to care plans, activities, medications, nutrition, medical care and meeting the specific needs for care and comfort of each resident.



“Just because we are smaller in size, we don’t want to sacrifice anything in the care of our residents,” Cory says. “That’s why our staffing ratios are maintained at the lowest in the industry.”

Almond Blossom Assisted Living maintains a staffing ratio of at least 6 residents to 1 caregiver at any given time, and it’s often even lower during the day when a care coordinator is onsite. “Legally, we could be at 15 or 18 to one, and I’ve seen this at other facilities. These higher staffing levels reduce personalization and quality of care. We’re not doing that.”

Cory and Robin believe the people make the place, and they focus on hiring and retaining the highest quality talent in the industry.

“Our training program is extensive, with job shadowing and a speaker series and regular evaluations,” Cory describes. “We hired a full-time activities director who we put through a national certification course, for example. We’re the only facility of our size to do anything like that.”



Tranquility, beauty, nature and normalcy and are the hallmarks of the Almond Blossom Assisted Living facilities. All three locations – East and West – are beautiful homes in their own right, and are customized to accommodate the needs of the resident population. Bright picture windows open on lush gardens of flowers and fruit trees.

Enjoy a barbecue on the patio beneath the pergola. Stroll the winding walkway and take a rest on a bench. Residents and visiting family members are able to enjoy the peaceful and serene setting at whatever level of mobility is best suited to their needs.